Microsoft Excel

Microsoft excel is one of the commonly used data analysis tool for representing data. In almost small and large scale business industries are using excel tools to represent their data. Excel is one of the installed application in now day when you buy you computers. It is one of the common applications that all most all students have a basic idea. Students need to know how to organize data by using excel. As excel is a simple application software which are shown in a way that students can end up easy to understand and to use them wherever required. Excel involves a large number of tool which will be easy to represent data. Student need to make an idea about how to create formulas by using excel tool. We can use the information stored in excel to represent graphs and to create table. It is one of the simple applications for representing data. Students are learning the basic idea to use a spreadsheet from their secondary institutions itself. Excel is not only sued for storing information, its applications are used for different purpose.

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