Movie review

Movie review is nothing but it is the comments about that particular movie. The movie review is written by customers of that movie. Only the movie viewed peoples can able to write the review of that movie. While writing a movie review the main think that should all understand that, movie review is not writing story of that movie. No one have the permission to write the story of that movie. An average movie review should engage, convince and advise, giving a unique feeling without giving ceaselessly a lot of the plot. After watching the movie you can share your experience with that movie like what type of movie this and if you like the movie or not something like that but don't write the story of that movie. A new person can really helpful for movie review because before watching the movie they can understand that movie is best or not. Most of the peoples are take tickets for watching the movie only after checking the reviews of that movie. So, a new customer can really helpful for the movie review. By reading the movie review, a new customer can understand that movie is suitable for that person or not. All have their own interests, some peoples like thrilling movies and other some of them are like love stories or family oriented movies, different persons like different type of movies. By reading the movie reviews they can able to choose best one. While writing a movie review, must be honest. Write honest details about that movie because based on your written review others choose that movie. Share honest matters about that movie. /p>

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